Venus Candle


The Venus sculpture candle is handmade using a soy wax blend and premium fragrance oils. It's a sculptural centrepiece and a statement addition to any home, coffee table, bathroom, office or bedroom. Colour is a natural off-white colour, can vary slightly.

Care instructions: Machine wash linens at a low temperature and air dry. Iron linens while damp. Stains should be treated with a liquid stain remover. 

- 20 cm H x 6 cm W x 6 cm D
- Weight: 240g

Care instructions: 

- Avoid placing near a draft, open window, air duct or fan
- Ensure wick is trimmed each time candle is lit
- Do not leave candle unattended whilst lit
- Stop burning the candle once 2cm of unmelted wax remain
- Limit exposure to natural and artificial light to prevent discolouration. 
- We strongly recommend you place a heat-proof dish under this product to help control any excess wax from dripping.

Please note, every candle is unique given its hand-made nature; we check every candle before sending to ensure our quality standard, however slight variations may occur between candles. 

To purchase a bulk amount of candles for events, please send your enquiry to