Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer interstate freight?

Yes. We freight all of our pieces Australia wide. As some pieces are made with stone or glass they can be fragile and quite heavy – so some pieces may require a personalised freight quote, particularly if you are in a regional area. To organise a freight quote you are welcome to contact us on

 Do you offer international freight?

Unfortunately Mode Maison have needed to make the tough decision to hold off on international orders for the time being. We have found that the cost of international freight has been increasing dramatically due to the pandemic and has become too unreliable to be able to safely quote our customers. We are hoping that later this year, once we are past the holiday period and hopefully past Covid, we will be able to restart international purchases again. 

Do you have a showroom where I can view your range?

Unfortunately we do not. All of our furniture and wares are solely traded online.

Do you offer custom pieces?

Pending on the product we do offer custom colour made pieces, however all of our designs are made in set dimensions. 

Where are your pieces made and materials sourced from?

As our pieces are constructed using a variety natural stone, glass and metal the origin of the materials depends on where that particular material is naturally found and quarried. We work with manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, including Turkey, Phillipines,  and China, to name a few. 

Each manufacturing partner and supplier is hand selected for their quality, craftsmanship and commitment to staff livelihood, including compliancy of fair working hours, wages and safety for staff. We are proud to partner with worldwide and local trades that align with our values, supports skilled craftsmanship and fuels local economies in each region.  

Why are your most of your pieces only available for pre-order?

At Mode Maison our mission is to provide quality, and competitively priced furniture and wares. Therefore we do not mass produce due to its damaging impact on our environment and inability for us to store so many pieces!